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Network Design & Strategic Planning

A college or university needs to have Internet access for departments within different colleges the deans of each colleges ponders why they do not have access to the Internet or Local Area Networks within the college as well as computer labs.


Outstanding Contribution Award PVAMU
Devoted and Valuable Service Award PVAMU
Extraordinary Service as a Network Manager PVAMU
Outstanding Service Award PVAMU
Employee of the Month UCCP
E&A Symposium Spring ‘93 Topic: Network Topologies
E&A Symposium Fall ‘93 Topic: Understanding Ethernet
E&A Symposium Spring ‘94 Topic: FDDI vs. Ethernet: 100MB vs. 10MB
Outstanding Consultant Texas Children’s Hospital
MuSPIN Annual Conference ‘97 Topic: Internet Firewalls for K-12 Schools
MuSPIN Annual Conference ‘98 Topic: Video Conferencing, the New Wave Internet MuSPIN Annual Conference ‘99 Topic: Distance Learning in the Classroom
MuSPIN Annual Conference ‘00 Topic: Video Conferencing over IP, the H323 Standard. UNCF Technology Conference ’01 Topic: IT Best
Practices for End-User Support. UNCF Technology Conference ’02 Topic: Video Conferencing in Education
TADC Technology Conference ’02 Topic: Issues facing HBCU’s in Video Conferencing TADC President Forum ’03 Topic: Technical Support for Video Conferencing
PVAMU Faculty/Staff Symposium ’04 Topic: Video Conferencing Best Practices
PVAMU Faculty/Staff Symposium ’05 Topic: What is an Access Grid? MSI Network Conference ’05 Topic: Using the Access Grid.
MSI Network Conference ’06 Topic: Polycom – Are There Others? TABPHE Conference ’07 Topic: Distance Learning – Are We Ready Yet?


On-Premise Solutions & Custom Training Plans

A hospital experiences major problems with its site-wide email package and various network problems within the campus. There is no reliable mail server for email services and no reliable mail gateway for Internet mail. The hospital wants to change its email package to Microsoft Mail.


TAYCON IT Services Inc. assisted the hospital IT department with the installation and training of Microsoft Mail. TAYCON IT Services Inc. installed six Microsoft mail gateways for email services campus- wide, two SMTP gateways for Internet mail services using Worldtalk for Microsoft Mail. TAYCON IT Services Inc. also produced inventory tracking software for all computer workstations using ACCESS. TAYCON IT Services Inc. has developed one of these plans


Holistic Consulting & Training Solutions

Various colleges and secondary schools in rural areas were having problems getting computer systems repaired. The average turnaround time on having a system repaired is three to six months.


TAYCON IT Services Inc., after evaluating the situation recommend to the colleges to train its faculty and staff on the internal components of the computer systems, and developed and taught PC building, Software Installation, setting up IP Networks, and Network Installation and troubleshooting classes. These classes are hands on with color documentation with illustrations for both classroom and future reference. TAYCON IT Services Inc. has developed four of these plans.

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TAYCON IT Services Inc., specializes in consulting for Custom Computer Configurations, Network Design, Training, Installations, Video, Video Conferencing Solutions, and Phone Systems Support (IP).

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